Give up being an adult!

For the present moment I give up being an adult. I have decided to take on the responsibility of being 6 years old again.
I want to go to McDonalds and believe it to be a five star restaurant.
I want to sail paper boats on a pond and make circles in water by throwing stones.
I want to believe that sweets are worth more than money, because you can eat them.
I want to take a break and paint with water colours.
I want to leave the house feeling comfortable and not worrying about what my hair looks like.
I want someone who will look after me and iron my clothes.
I want to get home to a home-cooked meal and someone cutting up my meat for me.
I want to take long baths and sleep for 10 hours every night.
I want to hug my parents every day and wipe my tears from their shoulders.
I want to return to the times when life was simple. When all I knew about was colours, planks to climb on and fairy tails which did not disturb me because I didn't know what I didn't know and it did not worry me not to know.
I was happy with all that I knew, because I did not know of things that could worry and disturb me. I want to think the world is just. That all people are honest and good. I want to think that everything is possible.

I grew up at one stage of my youth and I learnt too much. I learnt about nuclear arms, wars, prejudice and hunger and of child abuse. I learnt about lies, of the infidelities in marriage, of suffering, of illnesses, pain and death. I learnt about a world in which people knew how to kill and did so. What happened to the time when I thought that life would gone on for ever because I did not know about death, except when I lost my teddy bear? When I thought that the worst that could happen to anyone was if they took away my ball or I was the last one picked for the team? When I did not need glasses to read.

I want to distance myself from the complications of life and get excited about the small things in life again.
I want to return to a time when music was clean and healthy. I remember when I was innocent and thought the whole world was happy because I was.
I would walk on the beach again thinking only of the sand between my toes and the most beautiful shell that I could find, without thinking of erosion or contamination.
I would spend the afternoons climbing trees and riding my bike to the park without worrying about being abducted. I did not think about time, doubts or how I would earn enough money to mend the car. I just thought of what I would be when I grew up without worrying whether I would get there or not.

I want to live the simple life again. I don't want my days to be full of computers that keep me indoors, full of mountains of paper on my desk, of depressing news, nor full of how I will survive a few more days in the month when there is no more money in my bank account.
I don't want my days to be full of medical prescriptions or doctors. I don't want my days to be made up of gossip, illness and losing loved ones.
I want to believe in the power of a smile, a hug, a handshake, a kind word, of the truth and justice, peace, dreams and of imagination. I want to believe in the human race and I want to go back to drawing figures in the sand. I want to be six again.

I hope that each one of us can give life to this little child we have inside of us and that we don't allow ourselves to be dragged down by the society that surrounds us.
If we all were to think and act a little like children, don't you think that much in the world could be different?.



'When you fail, when you fall or when you make a mistake you can give up. But if you get up each time you fall and you correct your action each time you make a mistake, success is waiting for you. Because getting up and continuing is simply a matter of choice.'

(John Roger)

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